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Helping you to bloom and flourish in your business

Hey, I'm Jess here,

Mind Garden was born through wanting to leave the corporate world and doing something more meaningful. Hypnotherapy didn’t become just a job, it saved me, and gave me a way to be myself while helping others.

I've been doing this for over 2 and a half years now, with over 1600 client hours (and growing). I've built a really successful, sustainable business in that time.  Along the way, I've been teaching at CPHT Leeds, and mentoring new hypnotherapists like you with supervision and business mentoring sessions.

My goal is simple: I want to help people bloom and flourish, whether that's my clients or other hypnotherapists, to help their clients.

So how can we do that? in 2 ways, either classic supervision where we talk about client queries and tips for your business or more business mentoring sessions where we specifically look at your business and how that can grow.

Understanding Supervision:
Supervision isn't just a requirement for memberships like the NCH and AFSFH; it's the cornerstone of professional development. You need a minimum of 6 hour of supervision a year as an absolute minimum but should be utilised to enhance your practise. It's the ongoing process where practitioners, like yourself, engage in reflective discussion, skill enhancement, and personal and professional transformation. 

Why Supervision Matters:
In an industry where knowledge is power and things are ever changing, supervision ensures you're equipped with the latest techniques and insights to do your job. It offers a platform for staying updated on developments, receiving tailored guidance and empowerment, and honing your craft. Beyond meeting membership standards, supervision is your key to continuous success and excellence in hypnotherapy.

Why Choose Me:
At Mind Garden, I bring more than just expertise; I bring a passion for growth and a commitment to your success. With extensive training in hypnotherapy and a vast amount of client hours under my belt in just 2 years I have the experience to help you on your journey in the know that, I've been there and I'm still learning myself, everyday.

Being a neurodiverse business owner with ADHD you can expect different ways of looking at things and how to overcome adversity. I am always expanding my knowledge with a love of neuroscience,  knowledge and training in regression, past life regression, and inner child work too, so I can offer comprehensive supervision across various modalities.

Whether you're a hypnotherapist, counsellor, or practitioner of any other modality, I provide personalised guidance to help you thrive using solution focused methods to empower you're own answers as all journeys are unique.

Dynamic Approach:
Group sessions at Mind Garden aren't mere gatherings; they're vibrant communities where meaningful connections are forged, and ideas take root. With small, intimate groups, we create a space where everyone feels heard, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. Together, we sow the seeds of knowledge and nurture the blossoms of transformation. Or if a more intimate, focused session is your bag - our 1:1 sessions are the perfect pick to elevate your journey.

Join me at Mind Garden, where growth isn't just encouraged; it's inevitable. Let's embark on this journey of growth and discovery together.


Here are a few ways we can work together



Membership is £25 per month paid on the 1st of the month by direct Debit. 


Say hello to our membership program, designed to provide unparalleled support, resources, and community for hypnotherapists like you!

Benefits Galore: Enjoy cheaper rates compared to pay-per-session options, plus exclusive access to our monthly newsletters packed with valuable content, freebies, and downloadable resources to supercharge your practice.

Personalised Support: Need guidance between sessions or assistance with audits from the AFSFH? We've got you covered with ongoing support and expert advice tailored to your needs.

Streamlined Payment: Say goodbye to hassle with easy payment options once you set up direct debit. It's never been simpler to invest in your professional development.

Resource Hub: Gain access to a treasure trove of resources and templates to enhance your client sessions and streamline your business operations.

More Bang for Your Buck: With our membership, you'll enjoy not just savings but also more support in between sessions, a newsletter and an abundance of resources.

Flexible Options: Choose between group session, 1:1 to suit your needs and preferences. 

Stay Connected: Join our vibrant community through and enjoy networking opportunities at in-person group sessions and social gatherings.

Affordable Investment: For just £25 a month, you'll gain access to a wealth of benefits that will take your practice to new heights.

Room - Group.png

Group Supervision

One Group Session included every  2 months with membership or pay per session at £50 per session.

Book with the link above.


Tailored Support: Get answers to client queries and hone your skills with personalised guidance.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers in intimate groups, limited to 10 participants.

Engaging Sessions: Enjoy dynamic discussions, guest speakers, and interactive activities.

Your Agenda: Cover topics of interest, share case studies, and learn new techniques.

Expert Insight: Benefit from the latest science, CPHT guidance, and practical business advice from me and your peers. We're all the experts.

Collaborative Approach: Share insights, solve challenges, and uplift each other in a supportive environment.

Welcoming Space: Refreshments, free parking & good transport links provided in our spacious office.

Limited Spaces: Book now to secure your spot!

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1:1 Supervsion

One 1:1 session included every 2 months with membership or pay per session at £60 per session.

Book online with link above

Personalised Guidance: Address your specific client queries and challenges with individual attention and space to explore more in depth

Focused Learning: Dive deep into topics of interest and gain new techniques to enhance your practice.

Expert Insight:  Solution focused questioning to empower your practise and practical business advice tailored to your needs.

Business Support: Receive personalised advice on growing your practice and managing client interactions. It doesn't just have to be client queries.

Flexible Scheduling: Book sessions either in person, on zoom or over the phone, at your convenience to fit your busy schedule.

Ready to elevate your practice? Book your 1:1 session at Mind Garden today.


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