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Sunset Kayak



Discounted Initial Consultations

Limited availability and for a limited time only.

Quote Code - 3PEA when booking



£60 with current offer 

Usually £70

In the initial consultation we learn a bit more about you.  I'll ask some questions to build a better picture of what tools we can use to help you. We also find out what your hopes and goals are for the sessions.

I'll go on to use the latest neuroscience to explain the brain and how we suffer in the way we do and the more important thing, why and what we can do about it!

This is where you have an opportunity to ask any questions and understand what we do better.

The session will last approximately 75 minutes.


£75 (block booking available at lower rate)

An Initial Consultation is needed before booking these sessions.

As we are solution focused we start our sessions by looking at what's been good in the previous week.  We then use a variety of psychotherapy, NLP & CBT techniques to help to get you nearer to your ultimate goal.

We then get you to hop on the couch where you'll be nice and relaxed while enjoying the hypnotherapy experience. 



1 hour session

Initial Consultation to be booked before these sessions to get more information about you and your smoking habits.  I'll then go on to explain the brain and why some people find it difficult to stop and how hypnotherapy will help you. 

The next session we will then get you to hop on the couch for you to relax and enjoy the hypnotherapy experience where we will be reinforcing the powerful suggestions and inbed into your subconscious 

This also includes a download to listen to.



Everyone is different and how sessions you need is based on your symptoms and what you want from the sessions.

Phobias, if they are simple, can be tackled in just 3/4 sessions.  Depression and anxiety are usually a little more.  We can discuss this in your initial consultation once we know more about you. Stop Smoking sessions are just a one off, 1 hour session (Initial Consultation needed first). 

You are in control of your sessions. If you are confident that you have had enough sessions and are happy to go it alone, then I will encourage you to do so. If it later turns out that one or 

two more sessions are required then I will be happy to help. 

I advise you to take the sessions on a weekly basis, getting further and further apart the more confident you feel.

Block Booking is available - ask for any current offers.


6 sessions £400 save £508 sessions £550 save £50

Buy 6 or 8 sessions together and save money.
We suggest a minimum of around 6 sessions for most conditions so buy in a block and save!


£95 a session (Limitied time offer - usually £120)

In a safe, comfortable environment we take you back into your adult life, adolecense, childhood, time in the womb and even past lives. We can release trauma using different tools in these areas to remove any barriers to living presently. Going back to go forward. 
We can also go back to positive past lives just for interest only too. Are you curious who you were in a past life? 

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